Glenn Bracke

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"Glenn Bracke sees himself more as a creative, than an artist. His works often evoke environmental degradation, and his bronze statues often contain a hidden message. One thing is for certain: in his perpetual search for creative innovations, Glenn has taken things to a whole new level. His fragrance named 'The Scent of Art' has enabled him to connect with the world using yet another amazing medium. Glenn looks to his sources of inspiration, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, both of whom touched upon the creation of scents." - Glenn Bracke Art Progressive book


With the idea of capturing what art smells like, Bracke and Duchaufour teamed up in countless meetings over a period of a year.


Regarding the fragrances: Well, I know that art can have a smell and I am involved in  Olfactory Art, also called Scent Art. But I have never thought about the possibility of art, in general, having a smell by itself. However, here we have that smell imagined and put into bottles. It's simply called The Scent of Art and, as Glenn Bracke and Bertrand Duchaufour envisioned it, art smells like woods, balms and memories.

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