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You could say that the story of Bracke Cosmetics is the tale of two Cities, Aalst and Paris. Or even the tale of two countries. Brussels being the home capital city of Glenn Bracke, our founder and Paris being the City where the first historic meeting was happened between Glenn and the world-famous perfume nose Bertrand Duchaufour.


However, our story begins with a chance encounter.  The year is 2015 and Glenn is making an appearance at the opening of his latest art show Brussels. At one point during the evening, he was introduced to one of the guests who he discovered was blind.  After their meeting Glenn was inspired to explore ways in which this guest and others could enjoy his artistry and creativity in the future.


As with many artists the answer came after to Glenn over time. A real light bulb moment happened, Perfume!

Glenn realised that by using one of our most powerful senses, his creativity could be enjoyed by all.

Soon after this Bracke Cosmetics was established and Glenn’s exploration into the world of perfume and the creation of fragrances began.


While gathering a small team to work with him, Glenn dedicated his time to research. This took him and his team to Grass in the South of France, the birth place of many of the most historically established and famous fragrances. This trip was both educational and inspirational.


A meeting  in Paris with one of the worlds most famous noses, would prove to be the next major turning point in the history of Glenn’s fragrance journey and of Bracke Cosmetics.

Glenn looked to his sources of inspiration, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, both of whom touched upon the creation of scents.


This idea of Glenn's was achieved by him embracing the work of Bertrand Douchaufour. During their now historic meeting the two men spent hour brainstorming. Resulting in them both agreeing to work together to take on this new creative challenge:” The Scent of ART captured in a bottle”. Over the coming year the two worked tirelessly on their project, making changes constantly to perfect their creation. All of their hard work paid off when finally the “ Glenn Classic “ The Scent of Art was made by Glenn Bracke.

Since then, Glenn and Bertrand have successfully created a unique range of artistically crafted fragrances for men and women all over the world. The story of Bracke Cosmetics goes on.



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